01 June, 2017

June 1

1861 Madame Carandini Victoria’s first operatic star visited Dunolly.

1866 First books able to be borrowed from Dunolly Library, with 237 books borrowed within the first year.

 1867 Natte Yallock Post Office opened.

 1872 THE LAST OF THE LODDON TRIBE. One by one the remnants of the Australian aboriginal race are disappearing from the scene, and in a few years, no doubt, it will become quite extinct. . King Billy is the last of the Loddon tribe. Once that was one of the strongest tribes in Victoria, now Billy is the last of its living representatives, the only one who has survived the downfall of his people, the inroads of civilisation,and the march of European progress. As far as his race is concerned he can sit upon the banks of the ancient river and proclaim himself " Monarch of all he surveys." King Billy, we are glad to say, is a sober man, and a fair specimen of civilised blackfellows. He dresses himself very tidily, and conducts himself peaceably, being a regular favourite among the farmers at Eddington and Laanecoorie. He has watched with considerable interest the  completion of the new bridge across the Loddon at Laanecoorie, which name, we are told, is derived from a native term, signifying a turn of the waters, there being a bend in the stream at this part. King Billy is talking about instituting a toll-gate across the-bridge, in order that be may obtain a revenue from the traffic, which he claims as the right which his progenitors enjoyed in the ages of antiquity, when wild in woods the noble savage roamed.

 1875 Dunolly School opened with Thomas “Bully” Ross as head teacher, who also conducted a free night school.

 1877 The Public Library (building) was opened by Walter Hansford.

 1886 A conference of local representatives met in the town hall to discuss bringing water to the whole district and urging the Govt to the Evansford scheme so as to supply water for commercial, drinking, mining and irrigation purposes.

 1907 Mr Kendall, chemist, was savagely bitten by a dog he freed from a fence, requiring stitches.

 1909 There was continuous rain throughout last night, registering 205 points, and further showers fell to-day. The creeks, and dams and watercourses overflowed, and the low lying land was flooded. At North Dunolly owing to a diversion of the water channel by a dredging company, some houses suffered by water rushing through them.

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