14 June, 2017

June 14

1864 The Results of Dissipation. — A case of violent assault, heard at the municipal police court, yesterday, exhibited the very common results of a life of dissipation. Two women, named O'Connor and Filbin, residing in Barnard street — both apparently doubtful characters as far as regarded morality — after drinking, quarrelled, and the woman Filbin, raising an axe, struck the other woman on the skull with the sharp edge, inflicting a frightful wound, which necessitated her removal to the hospital, where she remained more than a week, during which time her life was in danger. There is no doubt that had the blow been directed with but little more force, the woman Filbin would have had to stand her trial for murder instead of an assault.— Dunolly Advertiser, June 14.

 1898 Heavy, constant rain inundated the low lying lands around Dunolly.

 1910 A farmer at Eddington had reported thefts from his hay stack so a policeman and he hid near the stack and observed the thief helping himself to the hay, then arrested him.

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