15 June, 2017

June 15

1857 PROSPECTING ASSOCIATION.— I am glad to announce that in consequence of a spirited effort on the part of many of the residents of the township, a public meeting was held at the Golden Age Hotel, Broadway, on Wednesday evening last, at seven o'clock p.m., for the purpose of forming a Prospecting Association to test the auriferous resources of the district. With the exception of a feeble and senseless opposition on the part of one individual named Mr. Cook, schoolmaster, the meeting (which numbered between three hundred and four hundred storekeepers and diggers) was unanimous in resolving that there existed an urgent necessity for such an Association, and concurred in entrusting the arrangement of the details to the following committee,
viz.: Messrs. Daly, J. Wingfield, M'Lean, Quinlan,Palmer, Sanders, and Bergin, storekeepers ; along with Messrs. W.H. Wingfield, Lewis, Morney, Ashley,Wheeler, and Register, miners. I believe that the committee have arranged that the number of the prospecting party shall consist of twelve miners in three parties of four men each ; that 2os. per week shall be allowed to each man from the funds to be raised by the Association two holes to be sunk in each gully ; the sphere of trial to be confined meantime within four miles of Dunolly.I wish that every success may attend the efforts of the Association, and sincerely trust that as its objects are most praiseworthy, and entitled to enthusiastic encouragement and support, that the public will cheerfully subscribe the needful for forming a substantial fund, on which the committee can draw without stint.
MINING MATTERS. — The great want amongst our miners at present is that most necessary aid to colonial prosperity, viz., water. This is now anxiously looked for, and I think it cannot be long before our wishes are gratified. Although the season is now far advanced,we have as yet had little or no rain to speak of. At Jordan's Diggings, the present population is about 700 diggers. Very little has been doing there recently, but I understand that a rush took place on Friday last,close to Miller street, which was caused by two Irish-men having been reported to have washed from 8 to 10ounces to the load. Another party is reported to have obtained on Saturday last, from an adjoining claim two and a half pennyweights off the bottom. This looks well. Many think that Jordan's will go ahead. With the exception of Bulldog Gully (where there is a good population, many of whom are said to be doing well, some in the alluvial ground, and others on the quartz reef), the Diggings in this neighborhood generally are dull.

 1916 AMPUTATION OF HAND. DUNOLLY, Thursday. While cutting a log at his saw bench at Goldsborough this afternoon, Stanley Brooker was severely injured. His left hand came into contact with the saw and was badly mutilated. He was taken to the hospital where it was found necessary to amputate the hand at the wrist.

 1944 Convinced that the current Dunolly and Tarnagulla water supple is inadequate the State Parliamentary Public Works Committee has recommended that pipelines from Laancoorie be constructed by next summer.

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