22 June, 2017

June 22

1858 Meeting held to form the Mechanic’s Institute in Dunolly.

 1874 The Dunolly Express has the following report of a live thistle destroyer Mr. R. Steel, of Wedderburn, states that a very singular occurrence has taken place of late upon his farm at Craigie Lea, a thistle exterminator having appeared in the shape of some animal or animals not at present known. It attacks both old and young plants alike, and a large paddock belonging to Mr. Steel has already been almost completely cleared. The animal scratches away the surface of the ground until access is obtained to the root of the plant, when, if of tender growth, one bite is sufficient, but if old and tough, two or three holes are made, and the root is attacked on all sides. This is followed by the death of the plant, which may be knocked down by the slightest touch of the foot. We confess that we should have been inclined to doubt had the story not been told to us by such reliable authority."

 1878 A Chinese miner found a 400oz nugget at Jericho, near Bealiba, in shallow digging.

 1878 The Hons. Major Smith and F. Longmore, accompanied by Mr Davies, M.L.A., in passing through Dunolly to-day were entertained at Host Tatchell's by the borough council, presided over by the mayor. Mr R. Ritchie. A number of the residents were also present. Afterwards Messrs Monie and Mattison, contractors of the Dunolly and St. Arnaud line of railway, invited them, together with a considerable number of the townsmen, to a first trip on the line with their new engine, which was then christened by Mrs Baxter the St. Arnaud. A large attendance of visitors cheered the train as it proceeded towards Goldsborough as far as the rails were laid, and it then returned in time for the departure of the guests by the evening mail.

 1878 Two Ministers of the Crown were here to-day—Messrs W. C.-Smith and Longmore—their object being to inspect some land in the district between this and Inglewood, in the pink. I believe that the result of their investigation was, that 20,000 acres will be immediately thrown open for selection. Mr J. H. Tates, the chairman of the Mining Board, was with the gentlemen mentioned.

 1897 Dunolly held a fete to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee with speeches, fun and unveiling of commemoration tablet at the Town Hall, a concert was held in the Town hall while the poor were gifted with food and blankets.

 1899 During the past 48 hours the rain has been very heavy and almost continuous, causing floods in low-lying -parts and damaging the late sown crops.
275 points fell and it is still raining at dusk.

 1938 The license of the Terminus Hotel was transferred from Elizabeth Wong Ying to Ivy Florence Scarff.

 1972 "Cabinet has gone as far as possible," The Assistant Minister for Primary Industry,Mr King (CP, Vic), said yesterday that constitutionally the Government had gone as far as possible with wool marketing at this stage.
Mr King was addressing a Country Party meeting at Dunolly. A copy of his remarks was issued in Canberra.
Mr King said that when one studied the proposals put forward by the AWIC one could not help but agree that the Government policy almost covered its requests in full.
"I say 'almost', because some of the finer points have yet to be worked out", he said.
The fact that the Government had agreed to carry on the 36c a pound deficiency payment for a further 12 months, was an achievement in its own right.

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