23 June, 2017

June 23

1881 Two men arrested in Dunolly for the robbery at the Frank Williams Hotel in St Kilda. 50 pounds of property recovered, one the men carried a gun.

 1886 William Nicholls summoned to court for being open after hours but charges dismissed as differing times mentioned.

 1904 Mr William Stark of the Commercial Hotel fell from the roof while mending the spouting; slight concussion and severe shaking.

 1917 The premises of Mr and Mrs Smith at Old lead were destroyed by fire, thought that a piece of wood rolled out of the fireplace.

DUNOLLY. COTTAGE BURNT DOWN. On Saturday afternoon a destructive fire occurred at the residence of Mr and Mrs James Smith, Old Lead, about a mile north of the town. Mr Smith had lit a fire in the front room, and put on a kettle to boil, leaving the house for a few minutes to go to his son's house. It is thought a piece of wood rolled out. While returning, a girl told him a fire had broken out in his house. he hurried home, and with much difficulty obtained a few articles of furniture and wearing apparel, but everything else was destroyed. The building was a five-roomed structure of Egyptian brick and hessian ceiling. Some of the walls are standing. The building and furniture were insured for £175.

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