29 June, 2017

June 29

1867 The Rev. D. S. Brunton, while on his way to Dunolly, from Inglewood, a week ago, for the purpose of delivering a lecture, had a very narrow escape from drowning in the waters of Sandy Creek. The creek was much flooded from recent rains, and the horse and buggy driven by Mr. Brunton were carried down the stream. He and a lady who was in his company contrived to reach the bank, but the horse was drowned, and the con- tents of the buggy washed away. The travellers sustained no injury except a nervous shock.

One of the Goldsborough jumping cases at Dunolly has been decided by the warden in favour of the defendants—Hayes and others, the original holders. The complainants, Barlow and others, were held to be not entitled by virtue of their miners' rights to be put in possession of the claim. An appeal is to be made. Another case, having reference to the same ground, was adjourned till the 15th of July. In the latter case an attorney named Robert Valentine Phelps, with his wife, and four young children, were the plaintiffs.

1901 The Ladies Singles Lawn Tennis Tournament took place at Tarnagulla Tennis Club, cup presented by Mr Comrie MLC, winner was Mrs Ison, with afternoon tea supplied by the ladies.

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