30 June, 2017

June 30

1890 Mr J. Cheetham , member for Dunolly, was thrown from a buggy in the city (Melb) and killed.

 1914 VISIT OF BISHOP GREEN. Dr Green, Lord Bishop of Ballarat visited this parish, and on Saturday evening delivered a most entertaining lecture on “the French Revolution”' and illustrated with lantern views. There was a large attendance on Sunday night at St. Johns' Church of England. The Bishop conducted confirmation service, the church being crowded. The service was a very impressive one.

 1914 JEWELLERY FOUND IN SLUICE Box January last Mrs Williamson a local resident. drove to Moliagul where she lost a valuable gold chain. Although a diligent search was made, no trace of it could be found. On Friday last when the dredging company at Moliagul was cleaning up, the chain was found in the sluice box.

 1914 CENTURY ATTAINED. Alexander Bradshaw, a very old resident of the district who is an inmate at the hospital from severe burns caused by a spark setting fire to his clothes, attained his 100th birthday on Wednesday. He has a wonderful memory, hut his sight is defective.

 1916 Cadets Play Football.


There has been no football to speak of in Dunolly almost since the war began, and many senior footballers of this district are engaged in sterner conflicts. A game, however, that attracted a good deal of attention and excited much interest took place in Dunolly on Wednesday, when teams from the cadets training for service in Dunolly and Maryborough met and there was a really exciting match.The Dunolly cadets proved too good for their bigger and older opponents,and Dunolly had a win by six points—scores, Dunolly 3 goals 7 behinds,Maryborough 2 goals 7 behinds. Considering want of practice and experience there was really an excellent exhibition,, the lads playing wonderfully well together — especially the Dunolly boys— although' they did' not keep their places too well at times.

The eagerness of both sides was conspicuous, and there was much excitement. Dunolly, the smaller, was the quicker team, and their tactics were superior to those of their opponents,and they were in the lead from the start. Maryborough, however, put up a capital fight. There was great jubilation among Dunolly cadets and spectators when the final bell rang with Dunolly six points ahead. W.Beasy was central umpire, and gave satisfaction to both sides. He was fair and prompt. The best spirit was manifested throughout. There was not a very large number of adult spectators on the ground, but those who were there appeared to be as much excited as the youngsters. Mr S. Wrathall took up a collection on the ground in aid of the local Red Cross funds, which resulted in 13s 5d being handed to the Red Cross secretary by Messrs L. Barber and Beasy..The secretary desires to acknowledge this contribution with sincere thanks.

30 1932 The Dunolly charity races were held, raising 96 pounds for the hosp. Mr H Baker was nominated as a life governor of the hosp.

30 1942 Bromley (renamed from Burnt Creek) post office closed

30 1964 Goldsborough (formerly Goldsborough Reef) post office closed

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