05 June, 2017

June 5

1884 A lad named Rotten was taken to the Dunolly Hospital after trying to stop a bolting horse, he had succeeded in grabbing the horses head when it swerved and jammed him against a tree.

1884 Illness is rife amongst the children in the district, with measles, diphtheria and influenza being the main culprits.

 1895 Dunolly Bicycling Club held a road race from Dunolly to Maryborough was won by Gathercole who covered the 14 miles in 50 mins.

 1904 A lad named E.T Shay from Moliagul was admitted to the Dunolly Hospital with a fractured thigh after being thrown from a dray when it hit a stump.

 1905 Frank Impey who was shoeing a horse at Strafford and Sons was kicked badly by the horse and will be laid up for quite some time with his dislocated knee.

 1911 Dunolly Traders Association was not going to observe the Kings birthday by closing their businesses but a letter from the ANA protesting at this and asking them to reconsider proved powerful and thus the Kings birthday was observed as a public holiday.

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