19 July, 2017

July 11

1864 Strange Discovery was made on Saturday last, in a claim near the Hard Hills, by a miner named James Owen. He had all the week heard various noises as if of some one or something in great trouble, but had been unable to discover whence the sound proceeded. He speculated in vain as to the origin of these smothered cries, until on Saturday last, when he descended the shaft and was greeted with a low growl. Startled for the moment, his eyes presently rested on an unfortunate dog that lean and lank looking had in an early part of the week fallen down a shaft at some distance from the claim at which Owen was working,the ground having been gutted for an immense distance around. The drives in all directions were filled with mullock, but the poor animal had by dint of desperate perseverance succeeded in scratching his way to where instinct led him to conclude he should obtain deliverance from his gloomy prison. Possibly the animal was endeavoring to escape the penalty of non -registration. If so, in flying from Scylla, he had fallen into Charybdis. —Dunolly Express, July 11.

Tumbling Down a Cutting. — On Monday evening last, a miner, familiarly named 'Jack Sheppard,'went from his tent after dark to collect some charcoal, from a burning log. The night being very dark, he walked unconsciously into a cutting some twenty feet in depth, on Jones's Reef. A little boy passed by shortly afterwards, and hearing someone groan, made an alarm ; the neighbors hastened to his assistance, and raided , the man to the surface,when he was found to be very much injured — one arm broken, his face -disfigured, and internally hurt. The night was so dark no one would venture to take him to Dunolly at once, but,early the next morning Mr Biggs kindly drove him to the hospital,where it is probable, under the skillful treatment of Dr. Macgregor, and with the strict attention always paid to patients in that most notable, institution, he will ultimately recover from the effects of this sad accident. Although the sufferer is about sixty years of age; he is blessed with a splendid constitution,and does not appear to be over forty years. ' His return to Moliagul convalescent will be hailed with delight by those best acquainted with him. 
On returning home, in company with ' Tommy the Blacksmith,' Mr Biggs had an unfortunate spill, which rather alarmed Tommy. Mr Biggs made' light of the matter, being used to it.

 1870 The committee of management invited tenders for additions and improvements to the Dunolly Hospital, to be submitted by August 4.

 1871 Wanted – men to grub 20 acres. For particulars apply at Irvines Commercial Hotel in Eddington.

 1916 Nurse Amy L. Squires of Horsham has been appointed as Matron of Dunolly & District Hospital.

 1927 Swine fever outbreak at Betley, Betley and Tullaroop shires both quarantined.

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