19 July, 2017

July 13

1858 Meeting held in Tarnagulla schoolhouse to form a committee to ‘handle the progress of the township’

 1876 George Boston, African American, died at Dunolly, aged 52, he was credited with being the co-discoverer of gold in the St Andrews/Queenstown area.

 1878 The Hon F Robertson canvassed Dunolly residents and was favourably received.

 1882 Mr Bent, Minister of Railways, was asked (and agreed to) by a deputation from Dunolly for extra accommodation at the Dunolly Railway Station to enable the loading of livestock.

 1896 At the local police court to-day, before W.Johns, P.M., the police brought charges against W. F. T. Tatchell, of Dunolly, hotel keeper,and W. C. Warnecke, of Middlebridge, gardener, for neglecting to have their children vaccinated as required by the act. Both pleaded guilty, and declined to comply with the law even if the magistrate adjourned the case, and consequently were fined the maximum penalty, £2 each. 
W. Kinnear was also charged with the same offence, but proved that his child was 18 months and 3 weeks old. The case was dismissed, as the charge, according to the latest rulings, must be brought within 18 months.

 1904 A fat milking cow, which had been lost for 3 weeks despite diligent searches, was found in an alluvial hole 8ft deep, when the hole was broken down by her rescuers she scrambled out with no evidence of harm for her 21 days imprisonment.

 1938 Miss L Perry, on the staff of the Lascelles State School, was transferred to the Dunolly State School.

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