19 July, 2017

July 14

1862 The Coach overturned in a creek then smashed into McTaggart’s store at Burnt Creek, crushed Mr Warnecke’s milk cart.

 1893 Mr James Blake, a Waterloo veteran and resident of Dunolly, died aged 107.

 1988 ABC TV aired Celebrations: The Day They Fired the Gun. 
On Australia Day 1988, most eyes were focused on the events on Sydney Harbour. But in the tiny Victorian country towns of Dunolly and Tarnagalla, the locals were marking the historic day in their own special way.
ABC TV aired 8.00 Celebrations: The Day They Fired the Gun.
FINGERS will be poised over video control buttons in the Victorian townships of Dunolly and Tarnagulla (near Bendigo) next Thursday night as locals prepare themselves for the national screening of their Australia Day celebrations in January this year. This is the second of four ABC documentaries looking at the diverse ways in which Australians celebrate.
The 26th of January 1988 was a glorious day for Dunolly (population 600) and Tarnagulla (150) and residents didn't waste it by sitting indoors watching the rich drink champagne on Sydney Harbor. They were having a lot more fun. There were main street processions, races,' performances from the Tarnagulla Citizens Band, Australia's champion gum-leaf blower, barbecues and dancing. The cannon was shot, a local headmaster recited 'I Love A Sunburnt Country' and bosomy, straw-hatted women made a touching sight as they tottered down the track in the egg-and-spoon race.
This is a fine 30 minutes of television that in its compact appraisal of Australian country life would make a marvellous offering to overseas television. Producer Martyn Coddard, whose narration is simple, informative and sensitlve traces the history of both towns; their gold-mining past tragic impact on local Aboriginal tribes and their slow decline following World War 1. It also traces the preparations for the big day. Locals said they hadn't been brought so closely together for a long time.

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