19 July, 2017

July 15

1858 The first meeting of the Tarnagulla Progress Committee was held at the Southern Cross Hotel.

 1864 It was announced that the Dunolly Philharmonic Society would be holding their next performance as a Grand Musical Festival.

 1879 Archibald Campbell McDougall returned to Dunolly, for a visit, for the first and last time since he sold up and moved away.

 1903 A leak was found at the Tarnagulla Reservoir, following 7 yrs of drought it was assumed the wall was weakened, a gang of men quickly repaired the hole and danger was averted.

 1908 Skin Grafting Operation
A successful operation of skingraftng has been performed by Dr. Wolfenden, of Dunolly. Some few weeks back a little boy,: the son of Mr. Chas. Warnecke, of Middle Bridge got caught in a chaff-cutting machine, and the 'flesh of one of his legs was torn from thigh to knee. - Dr.Wolfenden was called to attend to the injury, and when he suggested skin-grafting, the child's mother consented to the skin being taken from her arm, and she bore the ordeal of 180 grafts being taken from the limb without the administration of . chloroform. Out of the 180 grafts no fewer than 170 have taken, and the child's wounds are recovering rapidly.

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