19 July, 2017

July 16

1893 The funeral of Mr James George Blake, who died on Friday aged 107, was largely attended to-day. James was born in Galway Ireland and his parents were Charles Blake, miller, and Helen Blake nee Kearney. The deceased had resided for over forty years in the district, first as a digger then a general storekeeper at Burnt Creek. At seventeen years of age he entered the East India Company's service, joining a cavalry regiment and obtaining certificates for his services. When Queen Victoria was born he held a commission in the East India service. He had also served in the Imperial service, and was fond of describing how he fought in the battle of Waterloo. He was in comfortable circumstances, and retained possession of his faculties to the last. His wife survives him.He was hale and strong up to within a short time of his death. His wife, Grace, died a fortnight later on August 3, 1893.

 1898 Bicycle road race run at Laancoorie to Eddington and back , 10 miles in total, 6 starters results 1. Hodges 6mins, 2. Scott scratch, 3.Nicholson scratch.

 1930 The first rat seen in Dunolly was caught in a trap in a building near the railway station.

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