19 July, 2017

July 17

1860 The exodus from Inglewood must have set in in earnest, the coaches passing through Dunolly from that place being every day loaded to excess,and I am informed that numbers are left behind every morning, the two large coaches now running being insufficient to accommodate would-be passengers. Whither they are all bound it is difficult to say, but many are on the road to Ararat, the reports from the rush there being very good. No doubt the present cheap rate of fares, 15s. from Inglewood to Lamplough, induces many to choose the travelling by coach who would otherwise tramp it, and in the present bad state of the roads it can hardly be a paying speculation for the couch proprietors.

 1866 The Foundation stone of St John’s Anglican Church was laid by Venerable Archdeacon Crawford of Castlemaine.

 1885 The site of 1 rood 8 perches was permanently reserved for the future Goldsborough Library.

 1918 There is every indication of an early spring as the wattles and several spring flowers are coming out.

 1924 Waanyarra Junior Red Cross stall raised 4 pounds for the Dunolly Hospital, the Dunolly acting troupe The Sunbeams put on their original play "The Gardeners Daughter" in the Victoria Hall with 8 pounds taken at the door with proceeds to go to the Dunolly ambulance fund.

 1931 Community singing, which was introduced by the Dunolly Choral Society attracted a large audience to aid the unemployed, who were present and were provided with refreshments. 

Mr Jessup, manager of the E , S , and A Bank was entertained before he left for Sydney and presented with a wallet of notes.

The amount of gold purchased by the bank In Juno was 771/2oz

 1935 Dunolly branch of ANA celebrated its golden jubilee with a social night.

 1954 Mr. A. D. Darby, Elgin st,, Dunolly, will  receive one guinea for this verse; 
"Harry, unskilled and untaught ;
Who couldn't tell starboard front port ; 
Set sail in a yacht (Believe it or not!) 
For Darwin, but finished at Boort."

 2007 It was reported that in a study that Central Goldfields Shire was the second highest shire in which people often went hungry, 10.9 percent.

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