28 July, 2017

July 21

1863 A Farewell dinner was held for McDougall at Ernstein’s Criterion (later Railway) Hotel.

1864 Dismissal of a Poundkeeper. — The inquiry into the conduct of Mr G. H. Findlay, the poundkeeper was concluded at the Police Court, on Monday,before F. K. Orme, Esq., P.M. ; P. Chauncy, Esq.,J.P. ; and J. W. S. Butt, Esq., J.P. It appeared that Mr Findlay had not kept the promise he made on Friday, to pay all the pound fees received by him during the months of April, May and June into the Treasury. The bench decided on dismissing him from his office. Mr Ison, who was in court, consented to officiate as poundkeeper until a successor to Mr Findlay had been appointed.

 1867 A large rush of Chinese miners have descended on Daisy Hill after several Chinese found a 54oz nugget from the old cemetery. 
Emu is almost rendered a ghost town 2000 diggers down from more than 10,000.

 1871 Lost – 1 gold nugget scarf pin between McIntyres and Berlin. Apply at Telegraph Hotel.

 1872 Possum Jack, standing upon a heap of clay to see a friend’s funeral pass by saw a glint at his feet and picked himself up a nugget worth 36 pounds which he used to pay off his small debts before spending any money on himself.

1883 Severe, heavy frosts for the past 2 nights with more expected.

 1895 At a match between Dunolly and Bealiba football clubs Gathercole, Dunolly captain, was injured when he was thrown heavily by Bealiba captain, Cameron, and broke his left arm at the shoulder.

1895 A miner at Eddington named Speakman had a lucky escape when a claim he was working on gave way beneath his feet and if he hadn’t jumped back he would have been buried alive.

 1914 Due to another outbreak of diphtheria in the area the Bealiba State School is closed.

 1938 Councillor McPherson of Betley, who has been a member of the Bet Bet Shire Council since 1925 has advised that he does not intend to seek re-election.

 1950 Carlton football captain Robert Walls was born at Dunolly.

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