28 July, 2017

July 24

1879 A 93oz nugget was found at Garden Flat at Majorca.

1917 A chap from Dunolly was fined 20 pounds in the Dunolly Police Court for having given a disrespectful toast of,
 "Here’s luck, down with the King!"  in a public bar.

 1919 A young man, Mr. Herbert Mullins, of Deep Creek, has been taken to the Dunolly Hospital suffering from a badly lacerated leg, caused by being gored by a bull. The bull attacked him as he was entering the milking yard. Mr. Mullins was thrown to the ground, but he managed to escape further injury by crawling under a fence.

 1939 Mr. J. R. Young, station master, has received notice of his transfer to Murchison East.

1939 EMERGENCY SERVICE DUNOLLY.-A branch of the Red Cross Emergency Service has been formed. Councillor G. A. Stafford is chairman and Mr. R. Womersley secretary.

 1951 State cabinet will demand explanation from Mr McVilly to deregister 12 country hospital nursing schools, Dunolly being one of them.

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