28 July, 2017

July 26

1861 John Miskelly was appointed the Keeper of the Powder Magazine at Dunolly.

1865 Two nuggets were found in the Old Lead, one of 12 and the other 14.5 oz.

 1879 Meeting of agriculturalists met in Maryborough to form a society to further the political interests of farmers with 63 gentlemen elected to the provisional committee.

 1893 Measles and whopping cough was prevalent in the district with one death reported. Local school attendance fell from 250 to 80, the Goldsborough and Bromley schools, which had been closed due to measles reopened at this time.

 1900 Councillor Desmond urged the council to support the Penny Post, saying it would be a great boon for the colony. Resolution was carried to support it, asking the local Govt representatives to show similar support.

 1911 The license of the Waanyarra Hotel, Waanyarra, was transferred by the Licensing Board from Mary Yates to Susan Gray

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