28 July, 2017

July 28

1887 First sod of the Dunolly-Inglewood railway line was turned by Tommy Bent’s daughter, with all dignitaries in attendance, after which a banquet was enjoyed.

 1898 Mrs Kershaw had a lucky escape when she drove her horse and trap over the Broadway railway crossing not having seen the approaching train until it was only 100 yards away. The trap was hit and the lady shaken but no injury was sustained. This is not the first close shave at this crossing.

 1951 Dunolly FC defeated Carisbrook by 16 points.

 1954 The premises of the South Western Bulletin in Busselton, WA, were to be demolished and old newspaper copy was found dating back for a century including the Maryborough and Dunolly Advertiser from October 1864.

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