19 July, 2017

July 3

1891 Vacancy for first female assistant second class at Dunolly school advertised by Ed Dept.

 1903 Mr Carty Salmon MHR, under the banner of the Pleasant Evening Society, gave an interesting lecture on water conservation, during which he mentioned a scheme afoot to conserve the water of the Murray and he hoped the feelings shown by the states would be overcome as it would greatly benefit everyone.

 1909 Annie Summers, licensee of the Golden Valley Hotel, Bowenvale, was fined 2 pounds at the local police court, for Sunday trading. A number of men were fined 10/ each for being found on the premises.

1918 A successful bazaar was held in the Dunolly Town Hall during the day and in the evening by the students of Dunolly State School to raise funds for Australian prisoners in Germany. The bazaar was opened by Mr Pennington, MLA, who congratulated the children on their patriotic purposes, between 35 and 40 pounds was rasied.

 1918 Mr W. Hughes. motor-car and bicycle repairer, met with a painful accident this evening. He was repairing a motor bike, the engine being in motion, when his left hand was caught between the hind wheel and the frame. The result was the skin was torn from the hack of the hand and the knuckle severely bruised. He will be laid up for some time.

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