19 July, 2017

July 4

1864 Some interesting information is supplied relative to the successful cultivation of tobacco in the district of the Dunolly Express. That journal mentions the inspection of a sample of cigars manufactured at Castlemaine from Dunolly-grown tobacco, raised in the garden of Mr. Mellon which appeared to be of the very finest quality and superior to most of the imported article. Last season Mr. Mellon grew only a small quantity of Havanna, and those who purchased it pronounced it to be equal to any foreign tobacco. Mr. Mellon, who himself resided in the island of Havanna for Some yearsstates that the leaf grown by him in Dunolly is of far greater average size than that grown in Havanna, and he believes it also to be superior in quality. Next season he intends to go much more extensively into tobacco cultivation, and to have it cured and manufactured into cigars on his premises.

 1871 Easton and Bussey Sable Troupe held entertainments in the town hall in aid of the public library.

1882 To the Bordeaux wine exhibition in France Mr Warnecke, FJ Dear, PH Costello and F Mellon of Dunolly sent 28 gallons each of their 1882 hermitage.

1884 The train from St Arnaud pulling into Dunolly station hit a herd of goats that had strayed onto the line through the turnstiles.

1884 The borough council have accepted the plan for laying out the public gardens and tree planting will be proceeded with.

1894 First winter steeplechase at the Maryborough and Carisbrook race club.

 1923 Sheehan’s Flour Mill burnt down.

 1934 74 points of rain fell in Dunolly greatly benefiting the crops and grass.

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