19 July, 2017

July 9

1859 Forged bank notes of the Union Bank were traced to the forgers, a woman ‘of ill-repute’ and 2 men.

 1888 Train from Maryborough to St Arnaud broke down at Havelock, causing untold delays throughout the whole timetable.

 1892 It was decided to close the state school at Moonlight Flat and retain the one at Winter’s Flat for junior classes as an experiment for 12 months.

 1893 The Melbourne train had an accident with its boiler between Havelock and Bet Bet, coming to a complete standstill until the next train was able to push the engine and carriages to Bet Bet then took the carriages on to Dunolly. This was the 3rd accident to engines on the same line that week.

1900 Board of management meeting of Amherst Hospital announced receipt of 20 pounds from the Edward Wilson charity trustees.

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