01 August, 2017

August 1

1864 Adelaide Lead post office opened.

1865 Edward Smith became Manager of Electric Telegraph, Collector of Imposts and Postmaster at Dunolly.

1871 Public tea at 5.30pm with addresses by Rev Sayer from Dunolly and Rev Hopkins from Maryborough.

1871 A Grand Ball was held at Irvine’s Commercial Hotel at Eddington to celebrate the resumption of traffic across the Eddington Bridge.

 1890 The Illustrated Australian News announced that a Govt Scent Farm was to be established at Dunolly with 20 acres already fenced against vermin with Mr Mellon, of the Viticultural Board, to supervise the planting.

 1893 A fearfully sudden death occurred this evening when a social gathering was in progress at the Wesleyan Church to bid farewell to Mr W. H. Langler, J.P., on the eve of his departure' for England. Mr Jacob Peart, manager of the Belgium mine,Queen’s Birthday Company, was seated on the platform among other speakers, when he suddenly fell from his chair. He was carried to a room at the rear of the building, when medical aid was summoned, but life was pronounced to be extinct, the supposed cause being heart disease. Deceased was one of the leading members of the church and a most active worker. He was about 60 years old, and leaves a widow and six children, the youngest being about 13. An inquest will be held.

1894 Dunolly Cyclists Club contest – owing to the poor condition of the track and wet weather the contest was run only over 1 hour at the reserve causing many spills and damage to machines but with Middleton a clear winner having travelled 15 miles and 4 feet in the hour. Gate proceeds went to the Benevolent Society.

 1896 Coldest morning for many years in Dunolly with the ice being 2 inches thick.

 1906 George Sharman aka Long George died in the Dunolly Hospital from drinking a pint of eucalyptus while on a drinking spree.

 1908 The slum dam of the Burnt Creek Dredging Company burst with the water and slum going through the engine house, damaging the dynamos.

 1910 Betley (renamed from Middle Bridge) post office opened.

 1930 Arthur Goltz was returning to his home in the Inglewood district from trapping possums when he picked up a 20oz nugget in a wheel rut deepened by water. He has pegged the claim and called it the Lucky Possums, the word spread and surrounding claims have been registered.

 2014 Fine snow was reported at Mt Bealiba in the early afternoon, while sleet was experienced at Eddignton.

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