23 August, 2017

August 20 Nganko Nyawiyu

1857 Dunolly -This township has been greatly denuded of its population. The diggers having led the van, the storekeepers have, after much cogitation and reluctance, been compelled to follow the crowd, leave or pull down their stores, and shift their goods to Ararat. Our Main street presents now a very deserted appearance.

In mining matters there is nothing very new or important. Of the few diggers remaining with us, some are doing their share. Two nuggets have been obtained from the Main Lead during the past week, weighing respectively 7lbs. and 12lbs., and it is reported to-day that the Wet Lead has again been struck. To Cochrane's a second rush is also said to have taken place. We have always entertained a favourable opinion of this goldfield, but cannot pay more at present.

SANDY CREEK.— There are still a good few people here, principally Chinese, working the old ground. The reef in the locality, miscalled Poverty Reefs is turning out first rate. As many as from 20 to 30 men are engaged working one claim on this reef, and two quartz crushing machines (much wanted) have quite lately been erected in its immediate vicinity. There are also one or two other reefs being worked in Sandy Creek, but as yet with indifferent success.

Jones's Creek is very dull, Ararat having seduced the greater part of its former population.

The same may be said of all the diggings between this and Kingower.— Corresp. Age.

 1931 Susso worker was working a digging opposite the White swan hotel at Waanyarra when he found a 58oz nugget.

Victorian Find Realises £280. 
The gold found at Waanyarra, five miles from Dunolly, was brought in to-day and sold for £281/8/. It weighed 58 ozs. 2 dwt. 12 grains. The finder had been barely making enough for food in the last six months. He came across the gold in a lump at a depth of 26 feet, but it was broken up in removing a quantity of stone. The site of the find is an old garden which has been held under miners' rights for years by different fossickers.

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