23 August, 2017

August 22 Nganko Nyawiyu

1864 Aggravated Assault by a Woman. — A notorious character, named Eliza Smith, who has been convicted any number of times at the Dunolly court,during the last four or five years for drunkenness,thefts, assaults, and almost every conceivable crime,was sentenced by Mr F. K. Orme, on Saturday, to a month's imprisonment for an assault -;on one John Silverthorne. This termagant had gone to Silverthorne's residence, about noon on the previous day, and commenced abusing him to her heart's content. He left the house for the purpose of going to the police camp to complain of her conduct, when, just as he was entering the sergeant's quarters, Smith seized him by the head and punched him until the blood oozed from his nose and mouth.This being within sight of some of the constables,she was immediately lodged in durance vile. When brought before the court, the prisoner admitted the assault, and said she was sorry she did not give Silverthorne more of it. On sentence being given,she shook her fist at the prosecutor, and told him it would be the worse for him when she came out.We are informed her conduct while in the lock-up has been exceedingly violent ; indeed, in passing the police reserve, on Saturday, we heard her using disgusting language, in a tone almost loud enough to be heard in the street. She was also sentenced to three days' extra imprisonment for being drunk and disorderly. The district should by some means be ridded of such a pest as this she-fiend


Mr. R. Farie has written to the Inglewood Advertiser in reference to this venerable aborigine, whom the Wedderburn correspondent a few weeks since stated to be about 100 year old : — "Boort Station, 24th August. — Sir, — Allow me to supplement the information you give regarding the old queen of the Loddon tribe by saying that she died here on Tuesday morning, the 22nd inst.,and was buried yesterday in the aborigine's burial place here. For the last ten or twelve years she has been a complete cripple, quite unable to move about, or rather she remained so till some three or four years ago,when she suddenly and unaccountably recovered the use of her limbs, which she retained to a fair extent till her death. She undoubtedly died solely of old age. She has been here for- a long time past, and indeed for the last ten or twelve years this station and Mr. Cameron's at Lake Meeran have been her chief head-quarters. She was the only black in this district who never used tobacco or alcohol in any shape. "

1953 Vacancies for three double certificate nursing sisters, including one for permanent night duty, was advertised for Dunolly Hospital.

 2013 Protest rally held outside Dunolly Town Hall to fight Central Goldfields Shire decision to downgrade mobile library service to that of a “guerrilla van”.
Protesters won.

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