03 August, 2017

August 3

1874 As the Free Library at Maryborough carried a resolution to exclude the Maryborough and Dunolly Advertiser from its list of newspapers, on account of its shameful heterodoxy, the owner of the newspaper is opening a large free reading room himself in the middle of the town.

 1894 Numerous enquiries have been received from persons desirous of engaging in the business of raising plants used for perfumery and drugs and cuttings of available plants have been distributed from the Dunolly Scent Farm. Victoria is capable of producing to perfection plants from which perfumery is obtained and the Dunolly Scent Farm is serving as an object lesson.

1916 DUNOLLY.THE HOSPITAL. At the meeting of the hospital committee today Mr F B. Longsford was unanimously re-elected president, and Mr J. Renshaw vice -president. 
 MUNICIPAL.Owing to the borogh of Tarnagulla having merged into the Shire of Bet Bet (now the borough riding) all the councillors have to resign and all are expected to stand. For the borough riding all the nine retire, and there is likely, to be a contest.

 1937 The Dunolly Ladies Benevolent Society held their annual general meeting where they paid tribute to Mrs V Williamson for her work as secretary.

 1942 Bealiba branch of the Red Cross annual general meeting was held, officers were elected and funds raised for the year announced as 201 pounds, 5 shillings and 8 pence.

 1947 A plea for more junior female labour for the Dunolly annex of the Maryborough Knitting Mills came from the superintendent Mr White. Since it opened in 1944 the Dunolly Mill has produced more than 300,000 garments, 21,000 for the army and navy, but more machinists needed as they hope to install more machines.

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