08 August, 2017

August 6

1862 Tarnagulla Benevolent Society was formed.

 1918 A Strength of Empire League branch was formed at Dunolly: various resolutions were carried in local options by a bare majority - greater restrictions on the liquor trade and strong measures in suppressing venereal disease.

At the monthly meeting of the Dunolly Hospital committee Mr W. E Samers was elected president.

 1936 A service car between Dunolly, Maldon and Castlemaine has been sanctioned by the transport board which is seen by residents as the first step towards closing the rail line.

 1998 Ginny the Asian elephant, who became lost near Dunolly the day before, was found by an ABC helicopter about 2pm, 2km into the Dunolly Tarnagulla State Forest.
The helicopter herded the elephant into open ground where she was met by her trainer.
Under police escort, he then walked her back along the main road to the circus campsite at the Dunolly Football Ground.. She had slipped her tether about 10.30pm last night to escape the Perry Bros Circus camp on the outskirts of Dunolly.
Searchers had to contend with early morning fog and the fact that Ginny's colouring provided excellent camouflage in the heavily-wooded country just north of Dunolly.
"You could actually be looking straight at her and not see her," Senior Sergeant Peter Bigmore, of Dunolly police, said just before Ginny was recaptured. He said she had left several "calling cards" and was being pursued by about six four-wheel-drives containing about 30 police, SES crew and circus staff.
Ginny lived until 2006.

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