08 August, 2017

August 8


A digger, writing to the Melbourne Herald from this locality says :—

There has been, since I have been here, a flutuating population of from three to seven thousand people. And as the diggings which caused this rush have proved rather a failure, I should think ten days or a fortnight ago must have witnessed only the minimum number I have mentioned located at Dunolly. It very often proves the case on the diggings, that an indifferent or worthless rush leads to a good " diggings " being found out, and in the present instance I think this has been the case.

There has been for some time digging going on at about a mile on the road to Low's Creek, and a narrow, patchy, at times tolerably rich lead had been traced out on a flat which leads from there down to Burnt Creek— without attracting much attention. The digging had deepened from 5 to about 35 to 40 feet. About ten days ago a prospecting party bottomed a fifty feet hole, three quarters of a mile lower down the flat, which was so rich as to cause immediately all the intervening ground to be taken up, as well as many of the old holes higher up the lead.
The consequence has been that many of the old holes and some new ones sunk have given most extraordinary results. Nuggets of all sizes have been found, from a pennyweight to twenty-eight pounds. A man I know very well got a seven pounds eight ounces nugget out of an old hole with very little driving ; this nugget I have had in my hands. I can also speak to a nugget of each of the following weights, having been found six pounds, nine do., eleven do., seventeen do. (taken off a false bottom), and 28 do. Also smaller nuggets, ranging in size from 40 ozs. to 20 ozs.

I dare not give you the reports which are flying about of other nuggets which I have not had the opportunity to verify, but if half were true this would indeed be an extraordinary place. It is said that two men got out a cwt. of gold last week. As regards lower down the lead things look very lively. A hole was bottomed two or three claims off the prospector's, which l am as- sured is very rich. My informant told me that there was five feet of wash dirt, and that some of it that he had seen was absolutely studded with gold. I have never been on a diggings where people seemed more lively.

No one denies that there is a rich diggings turned up, and it is generally believed that there, will be a monster rush here. Still I would caution your readers that the whole of this part of the country from Korong to Burnt Creek is very patchy, although frequently it is very rich. There are many diggers who never leave it. They say there is always sure to be some good rush about. To diggers who are doing anything elsewhere I would recommend to leave well alone ; to those who are looking out for a diggings to go to, I must say that they might go further than here and fare worse. To diggings in general I think might be applied the name of a recent very popular American novel : " Good in all, and none all good." If you will allow me, I will trouble at some future time with further accounts of the place and its doings, and will now conclude by subscribing myself,


1864 Tarnagulla left the bet Bet Road Board to form its own Borough with 5133 acres of land comprising the townships of Tarnagulla and Newbridge, comprising 163 households.

 1894 The football match between St. Arnaud and Dunolly for the Giles trophy to-day resulted in a draw, with 2 goals each. This leaves Dunolly in the lead by 4 points. A protest was lodged by St. Arnaud against the last goal kicked by Dunolly on the ground that the time bell rang just after the mark and before the goal was kicked from it.

1908 Fruit growers held a meeting at Bet Bet where they decided to form a fruit growers association called The Middle Bridge and Bet Bet Fruit Growers Association. It was decided to subscribe 1 pound 1 shilling to the funds of the Central Fruit Growers Association.

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