09 August, 2017

August 9 Nganko nyawiyu (Before today)

1858 James Nichols won the tender contract to build the first county court in Dunolly costing 1,980 pounds.

 1859 The Dunolly Telegraph Station was opened for public business.

 1875 Ah Cat was executed at the Castlemaine Gaol for the murder of Frederick Renzelman at Bet Bet on 2 April 1875.

 1883 A child of 2 had a lucky escape when the train driver spied it standing on the tracks between Bealiba and Goldsborough, he threw the brakes on but due to the fog the rails were slippery and the train wouldn't stop in time so the driver jumped out and ran to grab the child before the train reached it - he managed to restore the child to its parents who lived next to the line and the driver was complimented by several gentlemen when they reached Dunolly. This is the 3rd life saved in a similar manner by Engine-Driver McLellan.

 1886 Mr Ritchie elected mayor.

 1886 Large fox shot near Natte Yallock, first ever in that district.

 1910 Two young men were fined 3 pounds each in the Inglewood Police Court for stealing apples from a Rheola orchard, and ordered to pay costs.

 1935 Heavy rains fallen, 83 points, Burnt Creek and Bet Bet creek are running bankers, low land inundated , bridge at Betley is under water, warning to stock owners for heavier flood waters, many crops are water logged and will soon be damaged but spring feed for stock is assured.

 1978 Dunolly Pre-school opened in the former Crouch Reel factory by Mr J. Bourchier.

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