01 August, 2017

July 29

1873 The Berlin Police Station was formed.(Later renamed Rheola).

1892 Archdale correspondent reports that cattle and sheep will eat dead rabbits, ending up poisoned themselves.

 1899 At the meeting of the Bet Bet Shire Council a report was read from the Government auditor (Mr Morley) regarding the accounts of the late Secretary (Mr Cheetham) The report stated that embezzlement had been going on for five years and that old receipt books had been used.The amount taken so far was proved to be £381/16/ 8. It was decided to call for applications for the position of secretary, valuer and rate collector the salary being fixed at £156 per annum.

 1938 Members of the Dunolly Methodist Church Trust entertained Miss MJ Rayson on the occasion of her 80th birthday and gave her a travelling rug.

 1939 The delicensed Windsor Castle Hotel at Dunolly, scene of a grisly double murder in 1938, was destroyed by fire, then later demolished.

 1939 The Bet Bet Shire consulting engineer, Mr R Hill, has resigned as he finds the work of that shire and the Shire of Korong to be too much for him at that time.

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