01 August, 2017

July 30

1864 The down coach from Dunolly slammed into a small stump in the road which threw the driver Ben Taylor from the coach leaving Mr Walker JP on the box seat with one inside passenger, Isaac May, while the horses took off at a terrific pace for ¾ of a mile until the coach came up against a tree. Mr Walker was lightly thrown but the coach was smashed to pieces with Isaac May severely injured.

 1871 Independent Church at Bealiba held opening services.

1891 £38 pounds collected in the Dunolly locality for the Melbourne flood relief fund.

 1895 Mr Duncan Gillies, Vic Agent-General has forwarded some of the essential oils from the Govt Scent Farm to the Imperial Institute to be tested for value.

 1908 The Poverty Bay Herald in NZ reported on this day that a young son of Mr CJ Warnecke had suffered a dreadful accident some weeks before but was now recovering well following the operation Dr Wolfenden performed with 177 skin grafts to the boys leg, taken from his mothers body.

 1935 Heavy downpour saw Bet Bet and Burnt creeks overflowing their banks, mailman couldn’t deliver mail to Eddington as the Betley bridge was under water, several men on Susso had to seek shelter on higher ground when their tents were flooded. 217 points of rain was registered.

 1937 Bet Bet Shire Councillors complained that the Welcome Stranger obelisk was hard to read and difficult to reach as the road is in poor repair and the moss makes the lettering hard to read.

 1938 Waanyarra Farm Club is reported to be doing well with both teacher and pupils greatly enjoying it with sheep and pastures being shortly introduced as projects.

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