01 August, 2017

July 31

1860 A case heard before the court involved the magical property of Professor Eagle, Wizard of the World having been taken by a fellow wizard, Professor Montague, from the Dunolly Hotel where Professor Eagle had left his items. Professor Montague was arrested in mid-performance using the stolen items at Kingower.

1883 St. Leon's Circus and Menagerie arrived here today from Tarnagulla, where they played a very good house. They play here to-night. 
The candidates for the Borough Council are now fairly in the field. 
The Chinaman Ah Sam, who cut his throat at Moliagul last week, is still alive in the hospital in a very low state.
 The weather is gloriously fine.

 1893 Several days of fine, sunny weather but heavy frosts at night, crops are growing well.

 1911 The old Goldsborough Public Library was reported to have fallen into disrepair owing to the deaths of all the trustees who managed it. The library has 30-40 pounds worth of books which are being destroyed and neglected as the library has become a refuge for tramps. The Goldsborough State School head teacher Mr Teasdale wrote to the Ed Dept to have the books removed to the school with a policeman from Dunolly supporting this move. A dray full of books had been moved when all further removals were stopped by a former chairman of the old library committee; a meeting will be held to to take steps to prevent further damage to the books in the building.

 1923 A new vestibule designed by Rev JT Field, was added to Dunolly Methodist Church.

 1971 Eddington post office closed.

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