15 September, 2017

September 12 Nganko Nyawiyu

1860 A public meeting of the ratepayers of Dunolly was called at Fraynes Commercial Hotel in Broadway for the purpose of electing a member of council to serve in the place vacated by Councillor Page on his resignation.

 1864 A Lucky Find and an Unlucky Spill.— A party at Mount Moliagul, while employed in washing out an old puddling machine, on Tuesday last, came across a piece of gold, worth about sixty or seventy pounds.. On the following day they visited Dunolly and disposed of their nugget. Whether  it was through being elated at their success, or owing to the strength of the Dunolly liquors, we will not undertake to say, but their mental faculties soon be came greatly disordered. And it was remarked by several, as they were seen driving out of town, on their way home, that they would be lucky if they reached Moliagul without meeting with an accident. It appears that they arrived about as far as Inkermann in safety, when one of the wheels of the waggon rnnning into a rut, one of the party, John Saunders, was jerked out, and sustained a simple fracture of the right thigh. He was token to the Dunolly Hospital that night. Dr. Macgregor set the broken limb, and the man is now doing well.

 1876 A hay and corn store belonging to Mrs Wigham of the Junction Hotel was destroyed by fire, the hotel had a narrow escape and would have caught alight but for the plentiful supply of water and many willing hands. The loss was estimated between 400 to 700 pounds.

 1877 It was decided to hold the hosital fete on November 9th as usual. 

 1877 This morning a miner going for a billy of water found an 8 oz nugget exposed by the rain. A nugget weighing 40 oz, found near Dunolly last week by a miner named Welch, was sold at Maryborough, it is supposed with a view to keep the find a secret.

 1881 According to a Dunolly paper William Boyd, died in the Dunolly Hospital the other day, our contemporary adds :--" It is said that this man has, since he has been in Victoria, been the possessor of a ton weight of gold, having obtained more than his own weight of the precious metal within a period of six months." A ton weight of gold at £4 per ounce would realise something like £107,520, and if William succeeded in spending that amount in the usual fashion of lucky miners, it would not be unreasonable to expect him to die.

 1894 Annual sports day held at Laanecoorie with horse, foot and cycle races through out the day.

 1932 An unemployed returned soldier, David Wams, doing relief work with a forestry gang near Dunolly found a gold nugget weighing more than 26oz.

 1937 The Annual Dunolly and District Hospital Ball was held with great success, with the supper arrangements supervised by Mrs Dawson.

 1993 Dunolly Railway Station was closed to the Vinelander Rail Service.

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