15 September, 2017

September 14 Nganko Nyawiyu

1874 The body of a man was found to-day in the bush, hanging to the limb of a tree. At an inquest held the medical evidence showed that from wounds on the body a murder had been.perpetrated. A sum of eight pounds seventeen shillings was found on the body.From a book and receipt found in the man's pocket, the name appears to be Louis Shiedemann. The inquest has been adjourned for fourteen days, on the application of the police.

1876 A young man, James Taylor, fell down a winch in the Queen’s Birthday Company’s mine severely injuring his knee. Weather very wet, thundery and squally.

1893 Constant rain with heavy showers and hail today, plenty of milk and butter but crops and grasses very poor.

 1914 Steam car running between Maryborough and St Arnaud broke down at Dunolly which delayed all rail traffic for 90 mins.

 1918 Mr Herbert Beasy reported his daughter missing after she had gone to gather flowers on the hills with 2 other girls. A search was immediately started but a phone message from Mrs Morris at Goldsborough reported her safe and sound, having wandered 8 miles.

 2016 Heavy rains resulted in flood waters cutting Dunolly off from all travel in and out of town in all directions.

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