26 September, 2017

September 18 Nganko Nyawiyu

1856 A Storekeeper wrote to The Argus suggesting a gold office and gold escort should be established on the Dunolly goldfield asap as numerous parcels of gold were being sent to the Murray for want of a better transport system to Melbourne.

 1887 Two navvies working near the railway line between Dunolly and Inglewood found a nugget in some old workings worth 1,014 pounds.

 1915 Steady rain accompanied by strong wind commenced this evening and continued without cessation until morning, two hundred and sixteen points being registered. All dams, tanks and reservoirs are overflowing; the creeks are flooded and the Maldon mailman was unable to get through the next morning. The crops in numerous places are blown down, sheets of iron blown off houses, and chimneys and fences demolished the damage done being extensive.

 1916 OLD HOTEL CLOSED POLICE COURT IN BILLIARD ROOM. DUNOLLY. Mr Samers has surrendered the Iicence of the Bendigo hotel, which was the oldest in the town . having been established in 1856 by the late George Simpson. For some years after being opened the billiard room was used as a court house and the preliminary hearing of a murder charge took place in the room. On Saturday evening Mr Samers invited a number of friends to spend a parting-Half hour with him. After Mr Simpson left the hotel Mr Tatchell (for some years a member of Parliament) carried on the business and was succeeded by his nephew, Mr W Tatchell now in Inglewood from whom Mr Samers purchased the business.

 1933 Havelock Post office (2) closed

MELBOURNE, Tuesday.—Mrs. William Barker,who won a £190,000 hotel at Manly (N.S.W.) three years ago, died in the Dunolly District Hospita lto-day aged 69.
Mrs. Barker won  the Pacific Hotel, Manly, in a lottery in March, 1959.
She successfully fought a legal action with Tooth's Brewery over trade rights and last year sold the hotel to Miller's Brewing Co. of Sydney, for an undisclosed amount.
For many years Mrs Barker worked in her husband's butcher shop in Dunolly.
Mrs.. Barker had been in hospital for about four weeks.
She was the mother of three sons and four daughters.
The funeral will be held in Dunolly to-morrow afternoon after a service beginning at 3 p.m. in St. John's Church of England

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