02 September, 2017

September 2 Nganko Nyawiyu

1867 A miner named Hicks, from Dunolly, was attacked by a group of Italians at Young’s Derby House at Myers Flat when he was mistaken for the owner of a dog in a vicious fight with another dog. He was struck from behind, needing stitches by Dr Nicholason but lapsed into unconsciousness for some time in his tent. The police rounded up the men involved.

 1896 A nugget weighing 60oz was found at Laughlin’s Flat, Rheola.

1937 Bet Bet Shire Council announced that, due to the current polio epidemic in Melbourne, all school teachers and public servants coming into the shire from Melbourne be isolated for 21 days with Dr Crooke quarantine officer.

 1937 Railway Commissioners notified the shire council that after careful consideration they cannot accede to the requests of the citizens and shire council for an improved train service.

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