05 September, 2017

September 5 Nganko Nyawiyu

1862 The first sales of land at Moliagul were sold from the Dunolly Court House.

1876 It was reported in the Dunolly Express that a dog belonging to a man in Dunolly disappears at the same time as the train to Maryborough and is often found waiting for his master at Maryborough.

1896 Although Dunolly-born AA Middleton won the 50 miles interclub premiership (from Coburg to Pretty Sally Hill and back) South Melbourne filled the rest of the places.

 1897 Early this morning a fire broke out in a wooden house of five rooms owned and occupied by Albert Hockey, who was absent, being in the town. The house and contents were demolished, as the fire had too strong a hold before the fire brigade arrived, and nothing was saved. Hockey, had not been in the house since dinner time on Saturday, and then he locked it up, leaving everything safe. The cause of the fire is a mystery. The house and furniture were insured in the Colonial Mutual for £250.

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