10 September, 2017

September 8 Nganko Nyawiyu

1856 About 9am the cashbox, containing 68ozs of gold and 40 pounds in cash, from the store of Prior and Creig was stolen by a man who bought a red blanket from the store then walked behind the counter while the store was empty and hid the cashbox in the blanket before leaving.

 1882 Hail ‘as large as hazel nuts’ fell all over Tarnagulla.

 1884 The temporary reservation, from Sept 1872, of 1 rood of land in the municipal district of Dunolly for a Temperance Hall is to be revoked.

A very pleasing ceremony took place at the Bromley State school. No. 55, when Miss Parker, assistant teacher, On behalf of the staff and scholars, in a very neat speech. presented Mr. R. Clanchy (head teacher) and Mrs. Clanchy (on the eve of removal to their new sphere in Geelong East) with a very handsome cut glass jam server, etc.. beautifully mounted in silver and mother of pearl.. Miss Parker's remarks were most appreciative of Mr. Clanchy's able and successful work as head teacher, and of Mrs. Clanchy's kindness and helpfulness. Mr. Clanchy replied in a most feeling speech on behalf of Mrs. Clanchy and himself, and it was very evident the children were deeply affected by the prospect of the very near departure of Mr. and Mrs. Clanchy. On the call of Miss Parker three very hearty cheers were given for Mr. and Mrs. Clanchy. ,Cheers wero also given for Miss Parker, who has been connected with the school for a number of years, and has been a most painstaking and conscientious teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Clanchy carry with them the most cordial good wishes of the entire community for health, happiness and continued success. Mr. Clanchy has been over twenty years in this district, and both at Middlebridge arid Bromley as head teacher he gained the entire confidence and the strong regard of parents and scholars. The reports periodically given have proved Mr. Clanchy to have been eminently successful in his duties, the children making great progress under his able and tactful tuition. He will be missed from amongst us in many ways. In Mrs. Clanchy he had a sympathetic helper, and both gained general respect, esteem and regard in all relations here.

1917 DEATH OF OLD PIONEER, Mr William Bullock, one of the oldest residents of the town, died on Saturday, The deceased was a native of Norfolk, and arrived in the State in the early 50's He was at the Bendigo rush, where he was fairly successful|, He afterwards went to Moliagul and resided there some time and then settled in Dunolly about 50 years ago. For years he was contracting and water carting but for many years has occupied his time in driving out commercial travellers by whom he was greatly liked. He was the oldest member of the local lodge of Oddfellows joining in 1866 and was also one if the founders of the fire brigade. He leaves a daughter and a brother. His wife died 17 years ago.

 1925 The Dunolly and District Hospital Ball was held, the most successful yet with 100 couples enjoying the evening.

 1933 Thieves stole 58 feet of camel-hair driving belt, valued at 30 pounds, from Games sawmill at the Dunolly R/S. Contemptible theft as the two young lads are working the mill to support their widowed mother and her family.

 1977 Mr Tim Raven, 52, and his nephew, Mr Leon Raven,41, of Dunolly, central Victoria, have found a 15-centimetres long, 340-gram gold nugget believed to be worth more than $1,000. They have been mining for many years.

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