13 October, 2017

October 12 Nganko Nyawiyu

1864 Dreadful Accident at Majorca'.— A dreadful accident occurred, on Monday afternoon last, to a miner named Murray, one of the shareholders working in the Royal Exchange claim, South Majorca. From what we can learn, it would appear that the whole party were engaged in slabbing up their shaft, which is between seventy and eighty feet deep, the unfortunate man (Murray) being below at the time of the occurrence. About half-past four o'clock, the men on top lowered three or four slabs in the usual way, by placing them in a bucket ,passing the rope round them and through the handle, and ; then fastened the hook to the rope. The whole had been lowered some twenty feet or so ,when by some means, it is supposed, the bucket struck the sides, of the shaft, and, the hook becoming disengaged, the slabs and everything were precipitated to the bottom. Murray was struck on the head by the slabs, by which he received extensive fractures of the skull, the upper portion being broken in pieces, which were afterwards removed ; his right arm was also much injured, if not broken ; and, besides several severe contusions on his back, one of the slabs appears to have fallen on the great toe of the left foot, which was crushed to a mummy. How the man escaped alive at all is a mystery, as there is scarcely a part of his body which does not bear marks of the fallen timber. As quickly as possible Murray was brought to the surface, and conveyed to his home, where he was quickly attended by Dr. Copland, who had to, exert his utmost skill in removing the broken pieces of the skull, which were literally embedded in the brain. This being done, and his other injuries attended to, his wife, who was absent from home at the time, was sent for. It was considered too dangerous to remove the patient to the hospital, as the jolting of the car would materially affect the brain ,and render the chance of life hopeless. In about an hour after the accident he had lost the power of speech, though sensible, and recognising his friends who came to see him. The doctor, however, holds out but faint hopes of his recovery. Murray was a man well known on Majorca-, and universally respected.

 1903 The Railway Commissioners inspected the line, arriving at Dunolly at 5am to begin inspecting the line from there up to Mildura.

Mosquitoes have been a positive plague in this locality during the past fortnight.Horses and cattle have been driven almost frantic, whilst wood cutters and others working in the bush have on some days had to leave their work owing to the attacks of the insects.

 1911 It was reported in The Age that there was still substantial heated debate about Gordon Gardens and the placement of a new State School on the site.

 1946 A reunion of former Dunolly residents was held in the Fitzroy gardens.

 1953 Tarnagulla landmark, Reid’s Exchange store built in 1859, went up in flames with bullets and cartridges exploding, a drum of kerosene blew up, firemen were hard put to contain the fire to Reid’s alone but managed to stop it spreading.

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