27 October, 2017

October 18 Nganko Nyawiyu

1881 A meeting was held at the Bendigo Hotel to form a Freemasons lodge.

 1938 It was reported in the Aussie press that a section of the British Legion, on the way to Czechoslovakia, had created an effigy of Lord Beaverbrook (owner of The Evening Standard and Daily Express) and hung it from the rigging as they resented the advice from his papers to disband the legion to let the Czechs sort out their own affairs. Sergeant Atherton, formerly of Dunolly, said “We were invited to do a job of work, if we were no longer required that was someone else’s business not ours. What put us in a better spirits than anything else was making the effigy of a well-known personality whose criticisms we resented. We kicked the effigy good and hard, and woke in the morning to have another go at it but it had disappeared. Probably someone drowned it in the Southend mud”

 2013 It is believed that around 9.45 pm several bastards attempted to steal the anvil outside the museum. Thanks to quick thinking by royal hotel staff and patrons, the 4 men departed. They were in a white twin cab truck like a Renault or an iveco. Museum staff were notified and police were called. The anvil is an icon of this town and is the most photographed tourist attraction.

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