27 October, 2017

October 20 Nganko Nyawiyu

1860 The wooden school opened at Inkerman.

 1862 It was noted in a report to The Argus newspaper that Dunolly was abundant in possibly the finest deposits of porcelain clays in the world and would soon be found to be valuable.

 1865 80oz nugget found on Belgium reef.

 1908 Contractor for erecting shelter sheds at Rheola school, Mr Seacombe, was digging the ground for a post when he found a 44 oz nugget.

 1921 Papers were received by council to state that Dunolly Borough would amalgamate with Bet Bet Shire and cease to exist after Oct 31, 1921. 
Dunolly Borough existed for 62 years.

 1956 To residents of Dunolly, Maryborough,Avoca, and all points in between - you may rest tonight without fear of atomic fall-out, "space jelly" or any other sky worries.
The jelly that appeared with the rain on Thursday was not sprayed by spacemen or a result of the atomic experiments at Maralinga.
It was nothing more harmful than the eggs,of a phenomenal swarm of crane-flies which have been over those districts lately, according to Mr. Crosbie Morrison, Argus wildlife expert. Mr. Morrison said last night: I have just finished examining a sample of the jelly under the microscope.
It is revealed as billions of minute eggs shaped like microscopic sausages, surrounded by clear jelly. One adult insect, dead, was in the jelly.
So here is the explanation.
Millions of crane-flies have been bred this season in northern Victoria, mainly in the flood areas, since they need soggy places for breeding.
When it rained on Thursday, they laid their eggs.
Each egg-mass is produced with an envelope of what might be described as a "jelly concentrate," which absorbs hundreds of times its own volume of water,swells until it is far larger than the insect which produced it, and so separates the eggs.
The large masses in the streets were washed there by water draining from neighboring allotments.
None of it came down with the rain, though the swelling in the rainwater made it visible.
Most of the eggs and young will be destroyed by the drying-up of the water. Those that survive will do no harm.

 2013 Inaugural Dunolly Ute Show and swap meet was held at Deledio Reserve with great success.

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