27 October, 2017

October 22 Nganko Nyawiyu

1856 AwayAway! Is the watchword, restaurants, stores and tents still continue to disappear and should the tide not be arrested, there will not be 3000 persons left here.

 1856 Robberies.— We regret to state, that crime is fearfully on the increase in this locality ; ' the paucity of the police force, and the immense length of street which they have to protect, rendering the commission of crime an easy matter, and the detection of the offenders almost impossible. The consequence is, that robberies are daily, nay, almost hourly occurrence. On Wednesday evening, between 3 and 4 o'clock, Mr. Wheeler, watchmaker and jeweller, of the Main-street, having occasion to go out, left his premises in charge of a neighbor. He was hardly gone, when two men effected an entrance by cutting a passage from an empty tent, situated in the rear, and abstracted about £70 worth of jewellery.They were, however, observed coming out, and one of them, a well known skittle sharper, after a sharp run of.about 400 yards was captured by a digger; who happened to be passing and was attracted by the cry " stop thief." The goods being found in his possession he was committed for trial. H mate, well known by this title of " Black Dick,' is still at large. On Thursday' evening some person entered the tent of Mrs. Barre, and abstracted a black silk dress.

22 1861 Sir William and Lady Don smashed a bottle of champagne over the Talbot fire engine and christened it The Lady Don, the horse drawn fire cart remained the main fire fighting appliance for 50 years. Now on display at the Melb fire services museum.

22 1903 Since railway strike only 1 passenger train per day has run through Dunolly causing great inconvenience, this was pointed out to the commissioners who visited last week and a second train is to begin next week.

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