27 October, 2017

October 23 Nganko Nyawiyu

1869 "The rain which fell in this town and district on Saturday last"  writes the Express,"
was the heaviest downpour which has occurred here for a great number of years,and great is the devastation which it has caused. Commencing soon after midnight on Saturday morning, it continued in one cease-less steady fall until about 11 o'clock, when it ceased for a short time, but only to commence again, and it did not actually terminate until some time on Sunday morning. Much damage and destruction to fences, growing crops, and gardens has been caused along the whole course of the Burnt Creek to its confluence with the Bet Bet, and down that again to the Loddon, which carried an immense stream of water, some of the paddocks on the low-lying flats on its banks below Eddington being completely submerged.Nearly all the bridges in the neighbourhood and for miles round sustained more or less damage, that on the Avoca-road, near Mellon's garden, being for a time quite impassable. At Burnt Creek, too, the creek rose very high, the bridges near Mrs. Wigham's hotel and Russell Brothers' store being for a considerable time very dangerous to cross.The mail coach, which leaves here at half-past2 p.m., managed to get a mile or two beyond Nevin's bridge, but in consequence of the flooded nature of the creeks beyond that could not proceed any further, even though the driver tried the telegraph line of roads, and the mails were detained here until Sunday morning. Whilst, however, much damage has been done to individuals, we think that the general good which will accrue to the country at large from such a copious supply of the element of which it was in so much need, will more than counterbalance its ill effects."

 1884 Good rains fell during the week which has helped the crops no end.

 1884 A rifle match took place between Dunolly and Carisbrook clubs at the Dunolly butts; Dunolly used Martini-Henri rifles while the visitors used Enfield rifles and won by 77 points.

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