27 October, 2017

October 24 Nganko Nyawiyu

1856 A prize fight at Dunolly between Joe Massey and Sambo with 20 pounds per side, after the 43rd round Sambo failed to come round in time and Massey was declared the winner.

 1861 Sir William and Lady Don appeared at Frayne’s Theatre, Dunolly.

 1890 Telegraphic communications were interrupted at Dunolly due to the boisterous weather blowing with hurricane force. A great many fruit and other trees were uprooted, young fruit dashed from the trees and damaged, a number of houses were unroofed and damaged, with heavy falls of rain throughout the day and numerous lucky escapes reported from falling trees.

 1910 William Whittaker, cordial manufacturer was charged with not having labels on his lemonade bottles. fined 1 pound.

 1938 At the inquest on Tuesday at Dunolly into the murder of, .Robert Grey and Charles Bunney, whose bodies were found in a room in the delicensed Windsor Castle Hotel on October 3 , 33 witnesses will probably be called.
Bunney, who was 54 years of age and a returned soldier pensioner, and Gray,73 years of age, an old-age pensioner,wore discovered, with their skulls split,soon after the crime was committed,Thomas William Johnson, 40 years,laborer, who has been charged with murder, will appear in custody at an-inquest, which will be held before the deputy coroner (Mr. Belcher, J.P.). Johnson was remanded in the City Court on Saturday until next Saturday

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