13 October, 2017

October 6 Nganko Nyawiyu

1874 First wild hares seen in the district when Mr Mathieson of Natte Yallock displayed some in a box at the Red Lion Hotel.

 1874 The Maryborough to Dunolly railway line was officially opened. 13 miles long the first station is Havelock, then Bet Bet then Dunolly. The goods shed was tastefully decorated with evergreens, music bands played, a banquet was held in the goods shed, 100 sat down to eat.
A ball was held in the evening in the town hall. 
Trains travel smoother than those on the Maryborough-Castlemaine line.

 1885 Jane Warke, who is charged with stealing 67 sheep, was brought before the Police Court to day, and remanded to Dunolly, bail being taken for her appearance there.

 1937 Mr Catto, Rheola orchardist, was injured when a kangaroo smashed through his windscreen as he was returning from transporting Mr & Mrs Tavenoff who had been hurt in an earlier, and unrelated, car capsize incident.

1943 A meeting was called to discuss the possibility of sending Christmas parcels to all men and women in the services who had enlisted from Dunolly, Goldsborough and Bromley. The Dunolly Hampers and Welcome Home Patriotic Funds Committee was formed. The committee decided to send canteen orders to the value of 10/ to each member of the services from the abovementioned places and continue to function until members of the services were discharged.During this time they raised 580 pounds through entertainment, donations and gymkhanas. Of this amount 133 pounds was spent in canteen orders and 295 pounds was given in the form of presentations to returned servicemen and women. 
The fund was wound up on Sept 9, 1946, when the sum of 7 pounds was donated to the RSL.

 1955 Officer in charge of the wheat silo at Dunolly, Mr Lush, has retired. He came to Dunolly in 1942 as an employee of the Railways Construction Branch when the silo was being built. He will be succeeded by Mr Anderson.

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