13 October, 2017

October 7 Nganko Nyawiyu

1864 A Family Fight. — On Friday last, at the Majorca police court, a warrant of commitment was ordered to issue against a man named James Donohue, for the non-payment of a debt of £5 13s.On Tuesday evening the police received information that the man ' wanted' was at home, kicking up, a row with his opposite neighbors (Mr and Mrs Jones).Constable Murphy immediately repaired to the scene of the conflict, and, having seen his man, called on him to surrender. J Donohue, in reply, told Murphy to take him if he could.  Making a dash at him,the constable soon succeeded in arresting his man,but, before he could get the handcuffs on, he had to knock him down, and call on the bystanders for assistance. But another combatant now came on the scene, in the shape of the cousin, alias wife, of .the prisoner. She came in to the rescue of her' dearly beloved,' and was with some difficulty pulled off the policeman. Taking up a stone to do some damage with, she was about to throw it,when Mr O'Farrell caught her hand ;— but she paid him out, by nearly biting his hand through. Ultimately, however, the two were conveyed to the camp, and secured in the lock-up. On Wednesday they were brought before the bench (Dr. Southoo presiding), when Donohue was adjudged worthy of 'three months' imprisonment, in addition to the six weeks' previously given. His wife (Mrs Donohue),for her share in the row, was ordered to be kept indurance vile for fourteen days, or pay a fine

 1884 Dunolly to-day was visited by tho Railway Commissioners, who were accompanied by Messrs. Mirls, Green, and Anderson. They were met at the station by the Hon. J. Bell, M.L.C. The Mayor and other councillors, and representatives of the Vinegrowers' Association, who brought several matters of local importance tinder their notice. After a brief stay they left for St.Arnaud.

The crops are looking very well, but I doubt if they will come up to last year.

 1885 Deputation from the Bet Bet Shire Council requested assistance from the Commissioner of Public Works in repairing damage to roads caused by recent floods in the district and to construct works to prevent the same from occurring again.

 1894 Students of the School of Pharmacy, accompanied by Messr. M'Alpine and Thompson,arrived on Friday to visit the Dunolly Scent Farm. The students gave an entertainment in the town hall in the evening in aid of the ladies' benevolent society. Yesterday the party were driven to the farm, and were received by Mr. Mellon, the director, who explained the characteristics of the scent producing plants cultivated on the farm. An inspection of stills was made, and of the collection of samples of oils and perfumes prepared by Mr. Mellon. The mayor, Mr. E. P. -Morris,who so guests the visitors were, intended to lunch at the farm, but on account of the heavy rains the party returned to Dunolly,where they lunched in the council chambers.Mr. M'Alpine, in replying to the toast of the Visitor, said the party were highly delighted with their visit, which was a splendid object lesson to the students. The benefits derived by the colony from the experiment made in scent producing plants and extraction more than justified the expenditure. In a few years the industry would be of lasting' benefit to the people. The visitor left by the evening train

 1922 After an application from the Dunolly tennis club the local council decided there was no objection to tennis, cricket or golf being played on the reserves or parks on Sundays.

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