01 November, 2017

November 1 Nganko Nyawiyu

1861 Eddington Post Office opened.

 1882 Goldsborough school  building was completed.

 1883 A man named Adolphus James Fitzherbert was killed instantaneously yesterday, near Dunolly, by the limb of a tree falling upon him. The deceased was formerly a cavalry officer, and at one time was on Lord Gough's staff. In a letter to a friend, written a few days before the accident, be expressed the hope that "when his time came he would die straight, and not be doubled up like a codfish in a pot."

 1885 The Tarnagulla, Irishtown and Murphy's Flat Butter Factory celebrated their opening with a Gala Ball  with over 200 people attending this event.
Less than 3 years later it closed on 17/9/1888.

 1886 Mr Carewickham, aged 82, an old colonist who came from Tasmania with JP Fawkner on the Pickwick in 1837, died in the hospital.

 1928 Another Find Near Dunolly. 
DUNOLLY. -Excitement has been caused by a report that rich gold- bearing stone has been discovered by Davis and party, at Betley, just below the surface, near the Burnt Creek mine. Several claims have been pegged.

 1941 MONEY RAISED AT DUNOLLY.-Capt. L. M. Mltehcll and Mr. F. J. McCart visited Dunolly with a universal carrier and other mechanised equipment, and appealed for AIP recruits and war loan subscriptions. The sum of £200 was subscribed in amounts ranging from £10 to £50. Dunolly's quota for the loan is fixed at £2,000, and already £1,970 has been converted and £1.260 subscribed. In addition, residents have purchased £6,750 worth of war savings certificates.

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