23 November, 2017

November 14 On This Day in Dunolly & District History

1893 Welcoine rains have fallen through out the colony, which will do an incalculable amount of good. In one or two places, Dunolly in particular, heavy floods have occurred, but other wise the rain did no damage. Crops especially, and vegetation were much in need of moisture, owing to the drying nature of the weather of the previous few weeks. In this district an electric storm, more severe in some parts than others, oc curred about nine o'clock on Sunday morning, after which somewhat heavy showers fell at intervals during the day. This will have the effect of ensuring good crops and a super abundant harvest. The potatoes especially will benefit by the rain, as they were considerably knocked about by the south-east wind which had been blowing for some days pre viously. The young boy Buckley who was injured at the " League of the Cross" picnic on Thursday is not yet out of danger.

 1896 More coarse gold was found at Moligul when 14 pounds of specimens were to the bank.

1900 A meteor fell at 10.35pm in Dunolly, travelling from a north to southwesterly direction, lighting the whole place up as bright as day for 30 seconds.

1926 Messers Brooker Bros, beekeepers of Moliagul, were engaged in shifting bees when their motor truck caught fire and was completely destroyed.

1927 Back to Bealiba events were Back to School with arrangements to visit the old school followed by a concert that night at the public hall.

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