23 November, 2017

November 2 Nganko Nyawiyu

1908 Rate books, water trust books, general receipt book for the shire reported missing from the shire offices.

 1910 Complaints were made at. the meeting of the Dunolly Borough Council about the dilapidated condition of the local State school. ; The Secretary of . Public Works explained that tenders were recently called for remodelling the school. The lowest received £1117 being considered far too high, was not accepted. The Minister of Education has now asked for a modified scheme dealing only with the most urgent and necessary repairs, with a view to calling fur tenders again- immediately.

1913 Price of bread has risen in the country, is was reported, owing to the rise of wages in the industry.

 2006 Premier Steve Bracks announced in Dunolly the pre-election promise to buy back the country rail line network at $134 million.

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