26 November, 2017

November 26 On This Day (Nganko Nyawiyu) in Dunolly History

1881 An elderly man, Mr Pethick, was found paralysed in Simpson’s Paddock where he’d been repeatedly bitten savagely by bullants. Although taken to hospital he died the following day.

 1883 A singular freak of animal affection for the dead was recently exemplified by a little terrier belonging to Mr Oldmeadow, of Dunolly bereft of her own offspring the poor animal having discovered the Cats bed, to make up for her own loss stole one of the kittens, and, strange to say ' the kitten has taken kindly to its new mother,.and she in return protects her, adopted kit against all intruders with angry determination.

 1889 At a meeting of the Bet Bet Shire Council it was decided that the member for each riding would call meetings to form organisations and devise measures to prevent fires and prevent the spread of any that occur owing to the extraordinary growth of grass in recent months. 
Also claims for 10 shillings reward for the killing of 19 foxes had been received by the Shire Council.

 1914 Excavators working for the Borough Council digging the water supply have gone on strike as they demand their smoko at morning and afternoon tea.

 1926 R. Herring, batting for Maryborough against Moliagul at the Maryborough High School Oval, scored a record 32 runs off the final over, bringing his 3 hour effort to 282, comprising seven 6s and fifty 4s.

 1937 Miss Mavis Beasy was presented with gifts from the Dunolly Church of Christ on the eve of her marriage.

 1943 It was announced that there were plans to open a clothing factory at Dunolly for servicemen and essential civilian needs as well as at various other rural towns around the state.

 2014 The Central Goldfields Shire is seeking more funding for its flood mitigation works at Carisbrook.
The council has applied for nearly $2 million from the federal Natural Disaster Resilience Grant Scheme.
Carisbrook was one of towns hardest hit by flooding in central Victoria in January 2011.
Outgoing Mayor Barry Rinaldi said plans had been developed for flood levees.
"The stage that it's at now is it will then go into final design, the engineers will come on board and they will go through a process of evaluating and costing I imagine to put [in] levee banks," he said.
"That's probably the direction they'll end up in."
He said the community had a preferred option for levee locations but they needed to be costed first.
"We're also of course faced with the same situation in the small town of Dunolly, so again council are putting forward their own amount of I think around $38,000 and $70,000 will come out of the scheme," he said

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