23 November, 2017

November 7 Nganko Nyawiyu

1875 Collision on the Castlemaine and Dunolly railway line, driver of one of the trains injured.

1897 Hospital Sunday was celebrated with the Dunolly Brass Band on the recreation reserve. An audience of 500 turned up with  £11  collected for the hospital.

 1921 Meeting held to discuss Back to Dunolly movement, decided it should take place from March 11-18, a draft programme was submitted with races held over 2 days. Support has been received, donations are coming in freely, accommodation has been booked for over 400 people already. Councillor Costello was appointed president of the movement.

DUNOLLY, Wednesday,
This old-time gold digging centre was subjected early this morning to a severe windstorm. The roof of the Congregational Church, which dates back to the digging days, was dislodged, and several houses In the township suffered severely.

1964 Dunolly former residents held a reunion in the Fitzroy gardens.

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